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Scholarships Opportunity for International Students At University of Northern Colorado (UNC), USA

University of Northern Colorado (UNC), USA


Scholarships Opportunity for International Students At University of Northern Colorado (UNC), USA

The University of Northern Colorado (UNC) offers scholarships for international students, including the Trustee and Presidential scholarships. The Trustee scholarship is $24,000 over four years for non-residents and international students, while the Presidential scholarship is $14,000 over four years for students with a GPA of 3.8–3.99. To be eligible for the Trustee scholarship, students must not be enrolled in off-campus, cash-funded programs.

Scholarships are awarded based upon specific criteria i.e. merit or talent and do not need to be paid back. Generally, scholarships are not awarded based upon financial need. UNC offers a variety of scholarships to help pay for the cost of education. 

Please note: Completion of the UNC Scholarship Application is the only requirement to be considered for scholarships designated as automatically matching. You will not be able to view scholarships for which you have automatically qualified under on your scholarship dashboard. However, you may see if you have qualified by clicking on the individual opportunity under the “Opportunities”, then “Ours” tab. Qualifying does not guarantee that you will receive a scholarship.

Additional scholarships may require more information. These scholarships will be visible on your dashboard once your general application is complete. You may also view a list of the scholarships for which you may be eligible by choosing the “Recommended” option from the drop-down list under “Opportunities”. If you do not see any recommended scholarships, it means you did not qualify.

More details about University of Northern Colorado (UNC), Scholarship here

How to Complete Your UNC Scholarship Application 

  • Once logged into your general scholarship application you will see a list of questions for you to answer, these questions are used to determine your eligibility for most of the Foundation scholarships available. 
  • You are not required to answer all the questions, but keep in mind, the more you complete can increase potential scholarship opportunities.  
  • You are required to answer the questions that have asterisks (*) next to them, which include your Bear Number, Signature, and Today’s Date, before proceeding to other tasks within the system.    

2. Click on the yellow ‘Finish and Submit’ button when you are finished.  You can save your application at any time by clicking on the white ‘Save and Keep Editing’ button.   

3. After you submit your general scholarship application, you will get a big Grey ‘Almost Done!’  pop-up message that reads: 

“Your previous applications have qualified you to apply to additional opportunities.  We’ve recommended the ones you are most qualified for and have made these available here.” 

• Note: there will be a green pop-up message at the top of the page that confirms your application has been successfully submitted. • You will also receive an email to your student email titled “Application Submission Confirmation”. 

4. After the pop-up goes away, you will be directed to your ‘Recommended Opportunities’ page.  

This is where you will see all ‘Apply-To’ scholarships for which the system determines that you potentially may be qualified for based on your additional answers.  

These scholarships require an additional question(s) to be submitted to determine your true eligibility.  

How to Apply for Recommended Opportunities   

1. Click on all the yellow ‘Apply’ buttons listed to see what the additional required item is.  This could be a short yes or no question, or an essay, etc.  

2. You will need to complete the additional requirement(s) to apply for that scholarship. 

• If the question is not applicable to you, you do not need to complete that additional question.  For example, UNC may offer a scholarship that can be awarded to Business Majors that are also part of a Native American Tribe.  

You will see this scholarship listed on your recommended page if you are a Business Major, the system does not know if you are part of a Native American tribe so the additional question would be to upload your tribal documentation.  If you are not part of a Native American Tribe, you would not complete that additional requirement.    

3. Click on the ‘Finish and Submit’ button once you have completed the requested item(s).  You have now applied to that scholarship. 

4. You will see a green message at the top to let you know the scholarship item has been successfully submitted.  

If you have additional ‘Recommended Opportunities’ that you have not completed, you will be directed back to the ‘Recommended Opportunities’ page. 

 You will see the yellow ‘Apply’ button for all the scholarships you have not completed and the ‘View Your Application’ link for all the ones that you have completed. 

• Once you submit the additional item(s) for the recommended scholarship, you will receive an email to your student email titled “Application Submission Confirmation”.  This will let you know that your application for the specific scholarship was submitted. 

You have now applied for all the Foundation scholarships that you qualify for at UNC!  Please note: the ‘Recommended Opportunities’ scholarships are not the only scholarships that you are in the running for.  

These are only the scholarships that required an additional item to be completed.  Most scholarships do not have an additional item to be completed, you will be filtered into these scholarships automatically based on your General Scholarship Application.  You will not see these on your Dashboard.     

How to Read Your Dashboard 

Every time you log back into your general scholarship application after you have applied to all your ‘Recommended’ scholarships, you will be directed to your ‘Dashboard’ page.  This is a central location where you can monitor the status and progress of your various applications in the system.  

This page is broken down into four key areas based on your needed interactions.  

Please note that if you do not apply to all your ‘Recommended’ scholarships, you will be directed to the ‘Recommended Opportunity’ page after logging in until they are all answered.  

To get to your Dashboard from your ‘Recommended’ page, you will have to click on the ‘My Applications’ tab on the top left of your screen.    

❖ The four key areas on your Dashboard: 

• Status Box:  This is your progress indicator. 

 This section will indicate what you need to complete and what you have already completed.  Anything in GREEN is completed; anything in RED is incomplete.  These color buttons are clickable boxes. 

 • Needs Attention: This section will appear for scholarships that have been applied for, but something has occurred that requires new attention and action from you is needed.  For example, if you have a drafted application or a missing Scholarship Gratitude Survey.    

• General Application: This section will display your submitted UNC Scholarship Application.   

• Current: This section will show all the scholarships you have applied for from the ‘Recommended Opportunities’ page and/or the scholarships you have received for both the current academic year as well as the upcoming year.  Each tile will show the status for that scholarship.     

Admissions Application

Your application for admission to UNC, along with relevant transcripts and test scores, are used to determine your eligibility for an admissions based scholarship. For a complete list of UNC admissions based scholarships, visit the UNC Admission Based Scholarship Web page.

Please Note: All UNC admission based scholarships, including but not limited to the UNC Provost, Presidential & Trustee awards, are considered by UNC to be the university’s match for the Yellow Ribbon Program. Please contact the Office of Financial aid about other scholarship applicability. 

UNC Scholarship Application

This application allows you to apply for scholarships available through the UNC Foundation. The application is available through Ursa on the “Financial Aid” tab. You must have a Bear number in order to apply.

  • November 1 – UNC Scholarship Application Opens
  • March 15 2024 – Deadline for New Freshmen and Continuing students
  • June 1- Deadline for International students, new Transfer and Graduate students 

Guides on how to apply for UNC foundation scholarships.

Talent Auditions

These scholarships are awarded at Department discretion. If you have questions, please contact the Department directly.

  • Art and Design: (970) 351-2143
  • Theatre: (970) 351-1921
  • Music: (970) 351-2993
  • Athletics: (970) 351-2534

Tuition Costs and Aid Opportunities

At UNC, you can earn a quality education that is rich in experiences and is an exceptional return on your investment. UNC offers the best tuition and fees rates among all other Colorado research universities. Research universities open up amazing opportunities for you to work alongside faculty to explore, inquire and discover, which are essential to be competitive in the workforce and pursue top careers.

Our students graduate with low loan debt. In fact, UNC ranked #1 in average student loan debt at graduation among all 4-year, public doctoral universities in Colorado in 2020.  

Tuition and Fees for 2023-24 Academic Year (2 semesters)

Your cost of attendance will vary based on your residency and qualification for financial aid programs. We are committed to working with you to figure out how to finance and achieve your educational goals. 

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