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List Of Schools In Finland

Study in Finland


List Of Schools In Finland

Here are schools in Finland where you can apply. Explore to find scholarship across Finland universities.

1. University Of Helsinki 

2. Aalto University 

3. Åbo Akademi University

4. University of Turku

5. University of Jyvaskyla

6. University of Oulu

7. University of Vaasa

8. University of Lapland

9. University of Eastern Finland 

10. University of Tampere

11. University of the Arts Helsinki 

12. Hanken school of Economics

13. Lappeenranta-Lahti University of Technology (LUT University)

14. Arcada university of Applied Sciences 

15. Centria university of applied sciences

16. Diaconia University of Applied Sciences

17. Haaga-helia University of applied sciences 

18. HAMK University of applied sciences 

19. HUMK university of applied sciences 

20. JAMK University of applied sciences 

21. Kajaani University of applied sciences 

22. Karelia University of applied sciences 

23. LAB university of applied sciences 

24. Lapland University of Applied Sciences

25. Laurea University of Applied Sciences

26. Metropolia University of Applied Sciences

27. Novia University of Applied Sciences

28. Oulu university of Applied Sciences

29. Satakunta university of applied sciences 

30. Savonia University of applied sciences 

31. Seinajoki university of applied sciences 

32. South Eastern Finland University of applied sciences (XAMK)

33. Tampere university of applied sciences 

34. Turku university of applied sciences 

35. Vaasa University of applied sciences 

36. Riveria vocational college 

37. Vamia vocational college 

38. Omnia vocational college 

39. Helsinki  school of business 

40. Estonian business school 

41. Perho culinary, tourism and business college.

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