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2024 Scholarship Opportunity At Swansea University ESPRC in UK 

Swansea University


2024 Scholarship Opportunity At Swansea University ESPRC in UK 

The Swansea University ESPRC Scholarship, fully funded by Airbus, is available for eligible students seeking an opportunity at the UK-based university.

This scholarship includes coverage of tuition fees and an annual stipend of £19,237 for four years.

Here is a comprehensive overview of the eligibility criteria, advantages, necessary paperwork, and application process for the ESPRC Scholarship.

Swansea University ESPRC Scholarship Summary

Swansea University ESPRC Scholarship Details

The Structures Test department at Airbus is dedicated to enhancing their knowledge of material and component behavior under cryogenic conditions necessary for storing hydrogen in liquid form.

Current techniques for instrumenting specimens during cryogenic tests have constraints.

This project seeks to innovate methods to incorporate Digital Image Correlation (DIC) in cryogenic mechanical testing, thereby enhancing instrumentation capabilities for testing future aircraft models.

Requirements for Swansea University ESPRC Scholarship

To be considered for the Swansea University ESPRC Scholarship, you must:

  • hold an undergraduate degree at 2.1 level (or Non-UK equivalent as defined by Swansea University) in Engineering or similar relevant science discipline
  • meet the English Language proficiency requirements of Swansea University

Benefits of Swansea University ESPRC Scholarship

This scholarship covers the full cost of tuition fees and an annual stipend at £19,237 for four years.

Required Documents for ESPRC Scholarship

To apply, candidates must be ready to submit the following documents;

  • CV
  • Degree certificates and transcripts (if you are currently studying for a degree, screenshots of your grades to date are sufficient)
  • A cover letter including
  • A ‘Supplementary Personal Statement’ to explain why the position particularly matches your skills and experience and how you choose to develop the project.
  • Two references (academic or previous employer) on headed paper or using the Swansea University reference form
  • Evidence of meeting English Language requirements (if applicable).
  • Copy of UK resident visa (if applicable)
  • Confirmation of EDI form submission (optional) 

How to Apply for Swansea University ESPRC Scholarship (Step by Step)

To apply for the Swansea University ESPRC Scholarship, follow the procedures below;

  • click on the button below to visit the scholarship application page
  • Proced to complete your application online with the following information:
  • Course choice – please select Biomedical Engineering / PhD / Full-time / 3 Years / October
  • In the event you have already applied for the above programme previously, the application system may issue a warning notice and prevent application, in this event, please email [email protected] where staff will be happy to assist you in submitting your application.
  • Start year – please select 2024
  • Funding (page 8)
    • ‘Are you funding your studies yourself?’ – please select No
    • ‘Name of Individual or organisation providing funds for study’ – please enter ‘RS578 – Cryogenic Temperatures’
  • please note that applications received without the above information listed will not be considered for the scholarship award. 

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