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2024 London School of Hygiene GSK Scholarship in UK

London School of Hygiene GSK Scholarship in UK


2024 London School of Hygiene GSK Scholarship in UK

The London School of Hygiene GSK Scholarships aims to aid the training and advancement of future leaders in global health, fostering the capacity of health systems and health-related research in Africa.

These scholarships, known for their high competitiveness, are open to individuals planning to enroll in a one-year, full-time, face-to-face MSc program at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine (LSHTM).

GSK Scholarship Summary

GSK Scholarship Details:

The GSK scholarship is available for candidates applying to any of the non-distance learning intensive Master’s programs offered by LSHTM. (Please note that joint programs such as MSc Global Mental Health, MSc Health Policy, Planning & Financing, MSc One Health, and MSc Veterinary Epidemiology are excluded.)

To be considered, both the application for admission and the scholarship application must be fully submitted by the specified deadline mentioned in the scholarship advertisement. Applicants must also ensure that all required supplementary documents are submitted through LSHTM’s Admissions Portal by the scholarship deadline.

Eligibility Requirements for 2024 GSK Scholarship

To be considered for the GSK Scholarship, applicants must:

  • be nationals of, and resident in, countries in sub-Saharan Africa; and
  • intend to return to sub-Saharan Africa on completion of their MSc year at LSHTM; and
  • confirm that they would not otherwise be able to pay for the proposed programme of study by submitting the Scholarships Application Form; and
  • meet LSHTM’s minimum English language requirements; and
  • hold a first degree at either a first or upper second class equivalency level, and
  • hold an offer of admission for 2024-25 for one of LSHTM’s London-based intensive MSc programmes of study

Benefits of 2024 GSK Scholarship

The scholarship will cover:

  • tuition fees, including any mandatory field trip fees, and
  • a tax-free stipend (living allowance) of GBP 19,500.00. 

How to Apply for GSK Scholarship (Step by Step)

The application process for the GSK Scholarship has two steps. To be considered for the funding, applicants must meet all eligibility criteria and complete both steps outlined below:

  • Step 1
    • Submit an application for 2024-25 for a London-based MSc programme of study, as per instructions under the ‘How to Apply’ tab on the relevant programme of study page.
  • Step 2
    • In your application to study you should select the scholarships you are applying for in the ‘FUNDING DETAILS’ part of the application form. If you do not select the GSK Scholarships for Future Health Leaders on your application, you will not be considered for this funding.
    • Attach a Scholarships Application Form to your application to study completed in Step 1. A completed Scholarships Application Form must be uploaded as part of this application. This is the only scholarships attachment required (as applicants should have already submitted references; transcripts; a CV etc as part of their application for study).

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